Operating notes and guidelines for implementing customized web-Auth pages

  • Customized web authentication pages are configured per switch, so that each web-Auth enabled port displays the same customized pages at client login.

  • The customized web pages you create can be hosted on up to three web servers in your network. Implementing multiple web servers provides redundancy in case access to any of the other servers fail.

  • To configure a web server on your network, follow the instructions in the documentation provided with the server.

  • Before you enable custom web authentication pages, you should:
    • Determine the IP address or host name of the web servers that host your custom pages.

    • Determine the path on the servers where the HTML files (including all graphics) used for the login pages are stored.

    • Configure and start the web servers.

    • Create the customized web pages as described in Customizing HTML templates and store them in the document path on the designated servers.

    • Test that they are accessible at the designated URLs.