Operating notes

  • Only RADIUS authentication supports the new VSAs. Other authentication types, such as TACACS, are not supported.

  • If the RADIUS server delivers a new VSA to an authenticator switch that does not understand it, the Access-Accept message is accepted and the new VSA is ignored by the switch.


The switch does not support RADIUS security for SNMP (network management) access.

The switch default configuration allows SNMP access to the hpSwitchAuth Management Information Base (MIB). A management station running an SNMP networked device management application can access the switch MIB for read access to the switch status. And read/write access to the switch configuration.

Switches take advantage of vendor-specific attributes (VSAs) applied in a RADIUS server to support the following optional, RADIUS-assigned attributes:
  • 802.1p (CoS) priority assignment to inbound traffic on specified ports (port-access authentication only)

  • Per-Port Rate-Limiting on a port with an active link to an authenticated client (port-access authentication only).