Displaying port security settings


show port-security

show port-security port number

show port-security [{port number-} | {port number}] . . . [,port number]

The CLI uses the same command to provide two types of port security listings:

  • All ports on the switch with their Learn Mode and (alarm) Action

  • Only the specified ports with their Learn Mode, Address Limit, (alarm) Action, and Authorized Addresses

Without port parameters, show port-security displays Operating Control settings for all ports on a switch.

Port security listing (ports A7 and A8 show the default setting)

With port numbers included in the command, show port-security displays Learn Mode, Address Limit, (alarm) Action, and Authorized Addresses for the specified ports on a switch. The following example lists the full port security configuration for a single port:

The port security configuration display for a single port

The next example shows the option for entering a range of ports, including a series of non-contiguous ports. Note that no spaces are allowed in the port number portion of the command string:

switch(config)# show port-security A1-A3,A6,A8