Building IP Masks: Configuring one station per Authorized Manager IP entry

The IP Mask parameter controls how the switch uses an Authorized Manager IP value to recognize the IP addresses of authorized manager stations on your network.

This is the easiest way to apply a mask. If you have ten or fewer management and operator stations, you can configure them by adding the address of each to the Authorized Manager IP list with for the corresponding mask. For example, as shown in Show authorized-managers command with access method configured, if you configure an IP address of with an IP mask of, only a station having an IP address of has management access to the switch.

Analysis of IP Mask for Single-Station Entries

1st Octet

2nd Octet

3rd Octet

4th Octet

Manager-Level or Operator-Level Device Access

IP Mask





The “255” in each octet of the mask specifies that only the exact value in that octet of the corresponding IP address is allowed. This mask allows management access only to a station having an IP address of

Authorized Manager IP