Customizing HTML templates

When you customize an HTML template, follow these guidelines:
  • Do not change the name of any of the HTML files (index.html, accept.html, and so on).

  • Some template pages use Embedded Switch Includes (ESIs) or Active Server Pages. These should not be modified when customizing HTML files. ESIs behave as follows:

    1. A client's web browser sends a request for an HTML file. The switch passes the request to a configured web server.

    2. The web server responds by sending a customized HTML page to the switch. Each ESI call in the HTML page is replaced with the value (in plain text) retrieved by the call.

    3. The switch sends the final version of the HTML page to the client's web browser.

  • Store all customized login web pages (including any graphics) that you create for client login on each web server at the path you configure with the aaa port-access web-based ewa-server command.