Enabling the processing of the HP-Command-String VSA for RADIUS accounting

  1. Select System Configuration.
  2. Select Logging.
  3. Select CSV RADIUS Accounting and then in the Select Columns to Log section, add the HP-Command-String attribute to the Logged Attributes list.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select Network Configuration and then in the AAA Clients section, select an entry in the AAA Client Hostname column. This opens the AAA Client Setup screen.
  6. Enable Log Update/Watchdog Packets from this AAA Client.
  7. Select Submit + Restart. You should now be able to see the HP-Command-String attribute in the RADIUS accounting reports.
  8. Enter the commands you wish to allow or deny with the special characters used in standard regular expressions (c, ., \, list], ^list], *, ^, $). Commands must be from 1 to 249 characters in length.