Device Fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting helps categorize the devices by analyzing the data sent by the end devices. When a specific device is fingerprinted, the details can be used to provide controlled network access and bandwidth for the end devices by Clear Pass Policy Manager (CPPM). You can create appropriate access and enforcement policies in CPPM during authentication. For example, the devices that are fingerprinted or profiled as computers will be given access to specific VLAN and the devices that are categorized as phones will be given access to another VLAN. Device fingerprinting can be enabled per-port.

Fingerprinting of end devices is achieved by configuring switch to analyze the traffic patterns and send only the required piece of information to CPPM for parsing.

Switch collects the protocol data sent by the end clients and forward the same data securely to CPPM.

CPPM uses this data to fingerprint the end devices that can be further used to set network access policies.