Configuring a client for retain-unauth-clients

A series of steps must be undertaken to configure a client for enforce-cache reauthentication.

  1. (config)# aaa port-access mac-based <PORT-LIST>
    Associates the specified port with the port-access on a MAC-based client.
  2. (config)# no aaa port-access mac-based addr-format [no-delimiter | single-dash | multi-dash | multi-colon | no-delimiter-uppercase | single-dash-uppercase | multi-dash-uppercase | multi-colon-uppercase]

    Sets the MAC address format to use. The same format is used for all ports in the system.

  3. (config)# no aaa port-access mac-based <PORT-LIST> [addr-limit <Limit> | addr-moves | quiet-period <1-65535> | retain-unauth-clients | server-timeout <1-300> | mac-pin | max-requests <1-10> | logoff-period <1-9999999> | reauth-period <0-999999999> | unauth-period <0-255> | auth-vid <VLAN-ID> | unauth-vid <VLAN-ID> | reauthenticate]

    Specifies parameters and limits on the configured client authentication.

  4. no aaa port-access mac-based password <PASSWORD>

    The password' form of the command sets the global password for all MAC authentication clients. This password is used instead of the client's MAC address in the RADIUS request.

  5. aaa port-access mac-based <port-list> retain-unauth-clients

    Retain unanth-vid is not enabled .