no hide-sensitive-data


Enables ciphertext feature in standard secure mode for the hiding of sensitive data. In the standard secure mode, the command is unavailable by default.

The no form of this command disables the ciphertext feature.

Command context



  • This command cannot be configured in enhanced-secure mode.


Enable the ciphertext feature at the switch.

switch(config)# hide-sensitive-data


After enabling ciphertext at the switch, use the command include-credentials.

Switch(config)# include-credentials

                              **** CAUTION ****

 You have invoked the command 'include-credentials'.  This action will make
 changes to the password and SSH public-key storage.

 It will affect *all* stored configurations, which might need to be updated.
 Those credentials will no longer be readable by older software revisions.
 It also may break some of your existing user scripts. Continue?[y/n] y

                              **** CAUTION ****

 This will insert possibly sensitive information in switch configuration files,
 and as a part of some CLI commands output. It is strongly recommended that you
 use SFTP rather than TFTP for transfer of the configuration over the network,
 and that you use the web configuration interface only with SSL enabled.

 Erasing configurations with 'include-credentials' enabled will erase stored
 passwords and security credentials.  The system will reboot with the factory
 default configuration.

 Proceed?[y/n] y