Adding community VLANs

  • The primary VLAN must exist in the configuration.

  • The community VLANs must not exist in the configuration.

  • You must be in the global configuration context: switch(config)#

Add community VLANs by entering the following command:
vlan <VLAN-ID> private-vlan community <VLAN-ID-LIST>

Specifies the ID of the primary VLAN.


Specifies a list of the VLAN IDs of the community VLANs you are adding. Separate individual VLAN IDs with commas. Specify ranges of VLAN IDs with hyphens.

For example, enter the following command to add VLAN IDs 302 and 303 as community VLANs associated with primary VLAN 300:

switch(config)# vlan 300 private-vlan community 302,303