Web User’s Interface

When permitted by the existing configuration, the Web UI creates a “default” Trust Anchor profile (the profile name is “default”) when a TA certificate is installed. The Web UI may only manage the TA certificate installed against the “default” profile—no other certificates are visible or installed via Web UI. An administrator may create this same “default” TA profile. Restrictions on the “default” profile are described in Local Certificate Installation.

The Web UI manages a TA profile implicitly and only under the following conditions:

  • If a TA Profile with the name “default” exists.

  • If a TA Profile with the name “default” does not exist but one of the TA Profiles is not configured.

In these cases the Web UI may configure the “default” TA Profile.

When a default profile does not exist and both TA Profiles have been configured by the CLI (i.e., they both have a name that is not ‘default’), the Web UI may not alter either TA profile and the usage web certificate to be installed must fit within a certificate chain belonging to an existing TA Profile.