Re-enabling the Clear button and setting or changing the ‘reset-on-clear’ operation


[no] front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear
This command does both of the following:
  • Re-enables the password clearing function of the Clear button on the switch front panel.

  • Specifies whether the switch reboots if the Clear button is pressed.

To re-enable the password clear function, you must also specify whether to enable or disable the reset-on-clear option.

  • password-clear: Enabled.

  • reset-on-clear: Disabled.

To enable password-clear with reset-on-clear disabled:


[no] front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear

To enable password-clear with reset-on-clear also enabled:


front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear

Either form of the command enables password-clear.

For redundant management systems, this command only affects the active management module.


If you disable password-clear and also disable the password-recovery option, you can still recover from a lost password by using the Reset+Clear button combination at reboot. Although the Clear button does not erase passwords when disabled, you can still use it with the Reset button (Reset+Clear) to restore the switch to its factory default configuration. You can then get access to the switch to set a new password.

For example, suppose password-clear is disabled and you want to restore it to its default configuration (enabled, with reset-on-clear disabled).

Re-enabling the Clear button' default operation