VLAN assignment on a port

Following client authentication, VLAN configurations on a port are managed as follows when you use 802.1X, MAC, or Web authentication:
  • The port resumes membership in any tagged VLANs for which it is already assigned in the switch configuration. Tagged VLAN membership allows a port to be a member of multiple VLANs simultaneously.

  • The port is temporarily assigned as a member of an untagged (static or dynamic) VLAN for use during the client session according to the following order of options.
    1. The port joins the VLAN to which it has been assigned by a RADIUS server during client authentication.

    2. If RADIUS authentication does not include assigning the port to a VLAN, then the switch assigns the port to the authorized-client VLAN configured for the authentication method.

    3. If the port does not have an authorized-client VLAN configured, but is configured for membership in an untagged VLAN, the switch assigns the port to this untagged VLAN.