Replacing or appending the ssh-client-known-hosts file

There is one SSH client known hosts file per switch, stored in the ssh directory of the switch file system. The SSH client known hosts file can be overwritten or appended using the commands below. If the file already exists at that location, you are prompted for confirmation before overwriting the existing file:

Warning: The existing known hosts file will be
overwritten, continue [y/n] ?


copy sftp ssh-client-known-hosts [user <username|username@>] <hostname|IPv4|IPv6> <filename> [append]

copy tftp ssh-client-known-hosts <hostname|IPv4|IPv6> <filename> [append]

copy usb ssh-client-known-hosts <filename> [append]

copy xmodem ssh-client-known-hosts [append]

Copies the SSH client known hosts file to the switch.

ssh-client-known-hosts: The known hosts file.

[user <username|username@>]: Optional, there must be configured usernames for operator and manager.

If no username is specified, the client's current username is used. There will be a prompt for a password if needed.

hostname: Specifies the hostname of the TFTP server.

IPv4: Specifies the TFTP server's IPv4 address.

IPv6: Specifies the TFTP server's IPv6 address.

<filename> : The remote filename containing the key.

[append]: Append hosts to the existing ssh-client-known hosts file.

Default: Replace the existing known hosts file.