Opening a secure session to switch

To initiate an SSH client session to another network device, use the following command, executed in the manager context.


ssh [user <username|username@>] <hostname|IPv4|IPv6> [port <1-65535>]

Enables an SSH client to open a secure session to an switch. Opening secure sessions to devices other than switches is not supported.

[user <username|username@>]

Optional, the username on the destination (remote) system. Usernames for operator and manager must be configured.

If <username@> is specified, enter the remote system information of either hostname,IPv4 or IPv6 address.

If no username is configured, the username of the current login is used. There will be a prompt for a password if needed.

hostname: Hostname of the remote system.

IPv4: IPv4 address of the remote system.

IPv6: IPv6 address of the remote system.

[port <1-65535>]: The TCP port running the SSH server on the remote system. If no port number is specified, the default port 22 is used.

Default: Port 22