Copying the host public key

The following copy commands can be used to manage public keys in a known hosts file. The public key can only be coped from the switch to a server or other media, not to another switch.


copy ssh-server-pub-key sftp [user <username|username@>] <hostname|IPv4|IPv6> <filename>

copy ssh-server-pub-key tftp <hostname|IPv4|IPv6> <filename>

copy ssh-server-pub-key usb

copy ssh-server-pub-key xmodem

Copies the switch SSH server public key to a server or other media.

[user <username|username@>]: Optional, there must be configured usernames for operator and manager.

If no username is specified, the client's current username is used. There will be a prompt for a password if needed.

hostname: Specifies the hostname of the TFTP server.

IPv4: Specifies the TFTP server's IPv4 address.

IPv6: Specifies the TFTP server's IPv6 address.

<filename> : The name of the file to be copied.