Checking for intrusions, listing intrusion alerts, and resetting alert flags (Menu)

The menu interface indicates per-port intrusions in the Port Status screen, and provides details and the reset function in the Intrusion Log screen.

  1. From the Main Menu select the following:
    1. 1. Status and Counters
    2. 4. Port Status
    Port status screen with intrusion alert on port 3
  2. Type [I] (Intrusion log) to display the Intrusion Log.
    The Intrusion Log display

    This example shows two intrusions for port 3 and one intrusion for port 1. In this case, only the most recent intrusion at port 3 has not been acknowledged (reset). This is indicated by the following:

    • Because the Port Status screen does not indicate an intrusion for port 1, the alert flag for the intrusion on port 1 has already been reset.

    • Since the switch can show only one uncleared intrusion per port, the alert flag for the older intrusion for port A3 in this example has also been previously reset.

    The intrusion log holds up to 20 intrusion records and deletes an intrusion record only when the log becomes full and a new intrusion is subsequently detected.


    The "prior to " text in the record for the earliest intrusion means that a switch reset occurred at the indicated time and that the intrusion occurred prior to the reset.

  3. To acknowledge the most recent intrusion entry on port 3 and enable the switch to enter a subsequently detected intrusion on this port, type [R] For Reset alert flags.

    Note that if there are unacknowledged intrusions on two or more ports, this step resets the alert flags for all such ports.

If you then re-display the port status screen, you will see that the Intrusion Alert entry for port 3 has changed to "No". That is, your evidence that the Intrusion Alert flag has been acknowledged (reset) is that the Intrusion Alert column in the port status display no longer shows "Yes" for the port on which the intrusion occurred (port 3 in this example). (Because the Intrusion Log provides a history of the last 20 intrusions detected by the switch, resetting the alert flags does not change its content.