Authorized and unauthorized client VLANs

Web-based and MAC Authentication provides a port-based solution in which a port belongs to one untagged VLAN at a time. The switch supports up to 32 simultaneous client sessions per port.

All authenticated client sessions operate in the same untagged VLAN. To simultaneously support multiple client sessions in different VLANs for a network application, design the system so clients request network access on different switch ports.

In the default configuration, the switch blocks access to all clients that the RADIUS server does not authenticate. However, you can configure an individual port to provide limited network services and access to unauthorized clients by using an "unauthorized" VLAN for each session. The unauthorized VLAN ID assignment can be the same for all ports, or different, depending on the services and access you plan to allow for unauthenticated clients.

You configure access to an optional, unauthorized VLAN when you configure web-based and MAC authentication on a port.