Applying connection-rate ACLs

To apply a connection-rate ACL, use the access group command described below.


This command differs from the access group command for non-connection-rate ACLs.


[no] vlan <vid> ip access-group <crf-list-name> connection-rate-filter

This command applies a connection-rate access control list (ACL) to inbound traffic on ports in the specified VLAN that are configured for connection-rate filtering. A connection-rate ACL does not apply to ports in the VLAN that are not configured for connection-rate filtering.

The [no] form of the command removes the connection-rate ACL assignment from the VLAN.

  • The switch allows only one connection-rate ACL assignment per VLAN. If a connection-rate ACL is already assigned to a VLAN, assigning another to the same VLAN overwrites the first ACL with the second.

  • A connection-rate ACL can be in addition to any standard or extended ACLs already assigned to the VLAN.