ACL grouping is an extension of the ACL feature. Each ACL application will consume "n" TCAM resources therefore "x" applications of an ACL will use "x . *n" resources. ACL grouping allows for grouping by an ACL. With ACL grouping, the TCAM usage would shrink to "n". ACL grouping can be applied to both ports and VLANs.

ACL grouping provides the following capabilities:
  • Enables Port ACL applications to be grouped.

  • Allows end users to programmatically control grouping on a per port ACL basis.

  • Provides CLI support for the shared keyword.

  • ACLs will be treated as unshared when upgrading to new release.

  • Downgrading shared ACLs to previous release will not be supported, the ACLs will be disabled.

  • Enables ACL applications to VLAN to be grouped.

  • Grouped ACLs applied to multiple VLANs will use only a single TCAM resource.

  • Allow users to control grouping on a per VLAN ACL basis.