Access control


Type #: 23

Platforms supported: All

Description: Toggle the physical port where the client is attached

Length: 4

Type: Integer

Value range: Integer value to represent the time interval to bounce the host port in seconds.

Format: HP-Port-Bounce-Host = 12


Type #: 24

Platforms supported: All

Description: URL used for the Captive Portal for an authenticated client

Length: <=255

Type: String

Value range: URL Link for Captive Portal redirection for an authenticated client.

Format: http://radius_server_ip/guest/captive_portal_login.php?


Type #: 25

Platforms supported: All

Description: The role applied for the authenticating user

Length: <=63

Type: String

Value range: Name of the created User role

Format: HP-User-Role = TestRole


Type #: 27

Platforms supported: All except 2530

Description: The CPPM role applied for the authenticating user

Length: <=63

Type: String

Value range: CPPM will send the Downloadable User Role name in this VSA to the authenticator Switch and switch downloads the Downloadable User Role. This VSA is supported in both RADIUS Access-Accept and RADIUS CoA. This VSA is mutually exclusive with hp-user-role VSA for local user-role.

Format: HP-CPPM-Role = TestRole


Type #: 29

Platforms supported: All

Description: Used in accounting stop requests to indicate why a session was terminated

Length: 4

Type: Integer

Value range: This is similar to Acct-Terminate-Cause mentioned in RFC 2866 and RFC 3580. This attribute is sent in accounting request from switch with the reason for account termination.






Format: Acct-Terminate-Cause = Port-Disabled


Type #: 255

Platforms supported: All

Description: Advertises the device capabilities

Length: <=255

Type: String

Value range: List of 'HP-Capability-Advert' Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs) containing information about the switch's current capability.


HP-Capability-Advert = 0x0138


0x01: Version of Capability Advertisement

0x38: Hex value of Attribute type 56 (Egress-VLANID)

HP-Capability-Advert = 0x011a0000000b30


0x1: Version

0x1a: HP Vendor Specific type

0x0000000b: HP Vendor ID

0x30: Vendor Attribute Type of HP-Bandwidth-Max-Egress