Viewing Commander status (Menu)

This procedure displays the Commander and stack configuration, plus information identifying each stack member.

To display the status for a Commander, go to the console Main Menu for the switch and select 9. Stacking 1. Stacking Status (This Switch).

The Commander's Stacking Status screen appears:

                            Pacific Ocean

======================- CONSOLE - MANAGER MODE -===========================
                      Stacking - Stacking Status (This switch)

  Stack State             : Commander
  Transmission Interval   : 60
  Stack Name              : Big_Waters Number of members         : 2
  Auto Grab               : No         Members unreachable       : 0

  SN   MAC Address       System Name     Device Type          Status
  --  -------------    ----------------  -----------  ----------------------
  0   0060b0-e94300    Pacific Ocean     switch       Commander Up
  1   080009-918f80    Coral Sea         switch       Member Up
  2   080008-8c5080    North Atlantic    switch       Member Up

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