Monitoring stack status (Menu)

Using the stacking options in the menu interface for any switch in a stack, you can view stacking data for that switch or for all stacks in the subnet. This helps in determining the stacking configuration for individual switches, identifying stack Members and Candidates, and determining the status of individual switches in a stack.

Stack status environments

Screen name




Stack Status (This Switch)

  • Commander's stacking configuration

  • Data on stack Members:
    • Switch Number
    • MAC Address
    • System Name
    • Device Type
    • Status
  • Member's stacking configuration

  • Member Status

  • Data identifying Member's Commander:
    • Commander Status

    • Commander IP Address

    • Commander MAC Address

Candidate's stacking configuration

Stack Status (All)

Lists devices by stack name or Candidate status (if device is not a stack Member). Includes:
  • Stack Name

  • MAC Address

  • System Name

  • Status

Same as for Commander.

Same as for Commander.

If you are using VLANs in your stack environment, see Stacking operation with multiple VLANs configured.