Accessing Member switches for configuring changes and monitoring traffic (Commander Menu)

After a Candidate becomes a stack Member, you can use that stack's Commander to access the Member's console interface for the same configuration and monitoring that you would do through a Telnet or direct-connect access.

  1. From the Main Menu, select 9. Stacking5. Stack Access

    The Stack Access screen is displayed.

    The stack access screen
                                Pacific Ocean
    ======================- CONSOLE - MANAGER MODE -===========================
                          Stacking - Stack Access
      SN   MAC Address       System Name     Device Type            Status
      --  -------------    ----------------  -----------  ------------------------
      0   0060b0-e94300    Pacific Ocean     switch       Commander Up
      1   080009-918f80    Coral Sea         switch       Member Up
    Actions->  Cancel     eXecute      Help
    Return to previous screen.
    Use arrow keys to change field selection
  2. Use the down-arrow key to select the stack Member to access, then press X (for eXecute) to display the console interface for the selected Member. For example, if you select switch number 1 (system name: Coral Sea) as shown in the preceding figure. Then press X, the Main Menu for the switch named Coral Sea appears, as shown in the following figure.
    The eXecute command displaying the console Main Menu for the selected stack Member
  3. You can now make configuration changes and view status data for the selected Member in the same way that you would if you were directly connected or telnetted into the switch.
  4. When you finish accessing the selected Member, do the following to return to the Commander's Stack Access screen:
    1. Return to the Member's Main Menu.

    2. Press 0 (for Logout), then Y (for Yes).

    3. Press Return.

You should now see the commander's stack access screen (for examples, see two preceding figures).