Removing a stack Member (Menu)

These rules affect removals from a stack:
  • When a Candidate becomes a Member, its Auto Join parameter is automatically set to No. This prevents the switch from automatically rejoining a stack as soon as you remove it from the stack.

  • When you use the Commander to remove a switch from a stack, the switch rejoins the Candidate pool for your IP subnet (broadcast domain), with Auto Join set to No.

  • When you remove a Member from a stack, it frees the previously assigned switch number (SN), which then becomes available for assignment to another switch that you may subsequently add to the stack. The default switch number used for an add, is the lowest unassigned number in the Member range (1 - 15; 0 is reserved for the Commander).

To remove a Member from a stack, use the Stack Management screen.

  1. From the Main Menu, select 9. Stacking4. Stack Management

    The Stack Management screen appears.

    The stack management screen with stack members listed
                                Pacific Ocean
    ======================- CONSOLE - MANAGER MODE -===========================
                          Stacking - Stack Management
      Switch Number : 3
      MAC Address:
      Candidate password:
    Candidate MAC    System Name     Device Type
    -------------  ----------------  -----------
    0060b0-e94300  DEFAULT_CONFIG    switch 
    080009-918f80  DEFAULT_CONFIG    switch
    Actions->  Cancel     Edit     Save     Help
    Use arrow keys to change field selection, <Space> to toggle field choices,
    and <Enter> to go to Actions.
  2. Use the down-arrow key to select the Member to remove from the stack.
  3. Type D (for Delete) to remove the selected Member from the stack.

    You will see the following prompt:

  4. To continue deleting the selected Member, press the Space bar once to select Yes for the prompt, then press Enter to complete the deletion. The Stack Management screen updates to show the new stack Member list.