Moving a Member from one stack to another (Menu)

Where two or more stacks exist in the same subnet, it is easy to move a Member of one stack to another stack if the destination stack is not full. This procedure is nearly identical to manually adding a Candidate to a stack. If the stack from which you want to move the Member has a Manager password, you will need to know it to make the move.

  1. To move a Member from one stack to another, go to the Main Menu of the Commander in the destination stack and display the Stacking Menu by selecting 9. Stacking....
  2. To learn or verify the MAC address of the Member you want to move, selecting 2. Stacking Status (All) to display a list of all Commanders, Members, and Candidates in the subnet.

    For a description of Status column entries, see the following figure.

    Using the Stacking Status (All) screen to find member MAC addresses
  3. In the Stacking Status (All) screen, find the Member switch you want to move, note its MAC address, then press B (Back) to return to the Stacking Menu.
  4. Select the Commander's Stack Management screen by selecting 4. Stack Management.
    The following is a Candidate list on the Stack Management screen
     Pacific Ocean
    ======================- CONSOLE - MANAGER MODE -===========================
                          Stacking - Stack Management
      Switch Number : 3 1
      MAC Address:
      Candidate password:
    Candidate MAC    System Name     Device Type
    -------------  ----------------  -----------
    0060b0-e94300  DEFAULT_CONFIG    switch 2
    080009-918f80  DEFAULT_CONFIG    switch
    Actions->  Cancel     Edit     Save     Help
    Use arrow keys to change field selection, <Space> to toggle field choices,
    and <Enter> to go to Actions.

    1 The Commander automatically selects an available switch number (SN); you can assign another available switch to the stack as needed.

    2 Candidate list.

  5. Press A (for Add) to add the Member. You will then see the screen listing any available candidates. You will not see the switch you want to add because it is a member of another stack and not a candidate.
  6. Either accept the displayed switch number or enter another available number. (The range is 0 - 15, with 0 reserved for the Commander.)
  7. Use the down-arrow key to move the cursor to the MAC Address field, then enter the MAC address of the desired Member you want to move from another stack.
  8. Do one of the following:
    • If the stack containing the Member you are moving has a Manager password, press the down-arrow key to select the Candidate Password field, then enter the password.

    • If the stack containing the Member you want to move does not have a password, go to 9.

  9. Press Enter to return to the Actions line, then press S (for Save) to complete the Add process for the selected Member. You will then see a screen similar to the one in Step 4, showing the newly added Member.

    If the message Unable to add stack member: Invalid Password appears in the console menu's Help line, then you either omitted the Manager password for the stack containing the Member or incorrectly entered the Manager password.

    You can "push" a Member from one stack to another by going to the Member's interface and entering the MAC address of the destination stack Commander in the Member's Commander MAC Address field.

    Using this method moves the Member to another stack without a need for knowing the Manager password in that stack, but also blocks access to the Member from the original Commander.

    If you are using VLANs in your stack environment, see Stacking operation with multiple VLANs configured.