Outbound queue monitor


This feature is not supported on switches J9779A, J9780A, J9782A, and J9783A.

When QoS is used to prioritize traffic, different kinds of traffic can be assigned to different egress queues. If there is a great deal of traffic, it is desirable to be able determine if some traffic to the lower priority queues was dropped. This feature allows the egress queues for one port to be monitored for dropped packets.


qos watch-queue <port> out

no qos watch-queue <port> out

Configures the switch to start monitoring the specified port for the dropped packets for each queue. Disabling and then re-enabling monitoring on a port clears the per-queue dropped packet counters. For example:

switch(config)#: qos watch-queue 5 out

The no form of the command stops the collection of dropped traffic information.

Default: disabled.