Changing the priority setting on a policy when one or more classifiers are currently using the policy (example)

Suppose that codepoint 1 is in use by one or more classifiers. If you try to change its priority, you see a result similar to the following:

Error message for changing the priority on a DSCP policy

switch(config)# qos dscp-map 1 priority 2
Cannot modify DSCP Policy 1 - in use by other qos rules.
In this case, you would use steps similar to the following to change the priority.
  1. Identify which classifiers use the codepoint you want to change, using the show qos <classifier> command.

  2. Change the classifier configurations by assigning them to a different DSCP policy, or to an 802.1p priority, or to No-override.

  3. Reconfigure the desired priority for the 000001 (dscp 1) codepoint.
    switch(config)# qos dscp-map 1 priority 4
  4. You could now re-assign the classifiers to the original policy codepoint or leave them as currently configured.