SNMP management station access to members via the Commander

To use a management station for SNMP Get or Set access through the Commander's IP address to a Member, you must append @sw <switch number> to the community name. For example, in the figure in Community Membership, you would use the following command in your management station to access Switch 1's MIB using the blue community:

snmpget MIB variable blue@sw1

Because the gray community is only on switch 3, you could not use the Commander IP address for gray community access from the management station. Instead, you would access switch 3 directly using the switch's own IP address. For example:

snmpget MIB variable gray

In the figure in Community Membership, you cannot use the public community through the Commander to access any of the Member switches. For example, you can use the public community to access the MIB in switches 1 and 3 by using their unique IP addresses. However, you must use the red or blue community to access the MIB for switch 2.

snmpget MIB variable blue@sw2