Listing the MIB-Enabled Forced Fast-Leave configuration

Forced Fast-Leave configuration data available in the switch MIB includes the state (enabled or disabled) for each port and the Forced-Leave Interval for all ports on the switch.

To List the Forced Fast-Leave State for all Ports in the Switch. In the CLI, use the walkmib command, as shown below.

Enter either of the following walkmib commands (generic or explicit):

walkmib hpSwitchIgmpPortForcedLeaveState (generic command)


walkmib (explicit command)

The result shows the Forced Fast-Leave state for all ports in the switch, by VLAN. (A port belonging to more than one VLAN is shown once for each VLAN; if multiple VLANs are not configured, all ports are shown as members of the default VLAN.) For example, the following figure shows output of the walkmib command.

Forced Fast-Leave output where all ports are members of the default VLAN

To show the Forced Fast-Leave state for a single port

Use the following getmib command (see the following figure).


getmib hpSwitchIgmpPortForcedLeaveState.<vlan number><.port number>


getmib<vlan number><.port number>

For example, the following getmib command shows the state for port 6 on the default VLAN.

Forced Fast-Leave state for a single port on the default VLAN