Setting Fast-Leave and Forced Fast-Leave from the CLI

Previous, Fast-Leave and Forced Fast-Leave options for a port were set exclusively through the MIB. The following commands now allow a port to be configured for Fast-Leave or Forced Fast-leave operation from the CLI. These commands must be executed in a VLAN context.


ip igmp fastleave <port-list>

no ip igmp fastleave <port-list>

Enables IGMP Fast-Leaves on the specified ports in the VLAN (the default setting). In the Config context, use the VLAN specifier <vid>, for example, vlan < vid >ip igmp fastleave <port-list>. The no form disables Fast-Leave on the specified ports.


ip igmp forcedfastleave <port-list>

no ip igmp forcedfastleave <port-list>

Forces IGMP Fast-Leaves on the specified ports in the VLAN, even if they are cascaded.

To view the IGMP Fast-Leave status of a port use the show running-config or show config command.