Supported standards and RFCs

The implementation of IGMP supports the following standards and operating capabilities:

  • RFC2236 (IGMP V.2 with backwards support for IGMP V.1).

  • IETF draft for IGMP and MLD snooping switches (for IGMP V1, V2 V3).

  • Full IGMPv2 support and full support for IGMPv1 Joins.

  • Ability to operate in IGMPv2 querier mode on VLANs with an IP address.

The implementation is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Interoperability with RFC3376 (IGMPv3).

  • Interoperability with IGMPv3 Joins. When the switch receives an IGMPv3 Join, it accepts the host request and begins forwarding the IGMP traffic. Thus ports that have not joined the group and are not connected to routers or the IGMP querier will not receive the group's multicast traffic.

  • No support for the IGMPv3 “Exclude Source” or “Include Source” options in Join Reports; the group is simply joined from all sources.

  • No support for becoming a version 3 querier. The switch becomes a version 2 querier in the absence of any other querier on the network.


IGMP is supported in the HPE MIB, not in standard IGMP MIBs, as the latter reduce Group Membership detail in switched environments.