Status messages

Stacking screens and listings display these status messages:



Action or Remedy

Candidate Auto-join

Indicates a switch configured with Stack State set to Candidate, Auto Join set to Yes (the default) and no Manager password.

None required


Candidate cannot automatically join the stack because one or both of the following conditions apply:
  • Candidate has Auto Join set to No.

  • Candidate has a Manager password.

Manually add the candidate to the stack.

Commander Down

Member has lost connectivity to its Commander.

Check connectivity between the Commander and the Member.

Commander Up

The Member has stacking connectivity with the Commander.

None required.


This may be a temporary condition while a Candidate is trying to join a stack. If the Candidate does not join, then stack configuration is inconsistent.

Initially, wait for an update. If the condition persists, re-configure the Commander or the Member.

Member Down

A Member has become detached from the stack. A possible cause is an interruption to the link between the Member and the Commander.

Check the connectivity between the Commander and the Member.

Member Up

The Commander has stacking connectivity to the Member.

None required.


The Candidate has failed to be added to the stack.

The candidate may have a password. In this case, manually add the candidate. Otherwise, the stack may already be full. A stack can hold up to 15 Members (plus the Commander).