Removing a stack Member using the Commander’s CLI

This option requires the switch number (SN) and the MAC address of the switch to remove. Because the Commander propagates its Manager password to all stack members, knowing the Manager password is necessary only for gaining access to the Commander. Use show stack view to list the stack Members.


no stack member <switch-num> mac-address <mac-addr>

Removes the specified Member from the stack.

A commander and three switches in a stack

Suppose you want to use the Commander to remove the North Sea member from the following stack:

Execute this command to remove the North Sea switch from the stack:

switch(config)# no stack member 3 mac-address 0030c1-7fc700


  • 3 is the North Sea member's switch number (SN)

  • 0030c1-7fc700 is the North Sea member's MAC address