Viewing the QoS configuration


UDP port priority and TCP port priority are not supported for IPv6 traffic on switches J9779A, J9780A, J9782A, and J9783A.

Examples of the show qos output are included with the example for each priority type.


show qos <priority-classifier>

device-priority: Displays the device priority table/configuration (priority based on the IP address).

dscp-map: Displays mappings between DSCP policy and 802.1p priority.

port-priority: Displays the current source-port priority configuration.

protocol-priority: Displays the protocol priority configuration.

queue-config: Displays the outbound port queue configuration information.

resources: Displays the resources used by the Policy Enforcement Engine.


On switches J9779A, J9780A, J9782A, and J9783A, you may run out of QoS resources more quickly.

tcp-udp-port-priority: Displays the TCP/UDP port priorities.

traffic-template: Displays the configured traffic templates and their status.

type-of-service: Displays the current type-of-service priority configuration. The display output differs according to the ToS option used:
  • IP Precedence
  • Diffserve

vlan-priority: Displays the current VLAN priority configuration.