No override

By default, the show command outputs automatically list No-override for priority options that have not been configured. This means that if you do not configure a priority for a specific option, QoS does not prioritize packets to which that option applies, resulting in the No-override state.
  • IP packets received through a VLAN-tagged port are managed using the 802.1p priority they carry in the 802.1Q field in their headers.

  • VLAN-tagged packets received through an untagged port are handled by the switch with “normal” priority.

the show qos vlan-priority output shows the global QoS configurations on the switch that are configured with the VLAN ID classifier. Note that non-default 802.1p priorities have been configured for VLAN IDs 22 and 33; packets received on VLAN 1 are managed with the default settings, as described in the two bulleted items above.
Output for the show qos vlan-priority command (example)