Forced Fast-Leave IGMP

Forced Fast-Leave IGMP speeds up the process of blocking unnecessary IGMP traffic to a switch port that is connected to multiple end nodes. (This feature does not activate on ports where the switch detects only one end node.) For example, in Automatic Fast-Leave IGMP Criteria, even if you configured Forced Fast-Leave on all ports in the switch, the feature would activate only on port 6 (which has multiple end nodes) when a Leave Group request arrived on that port.

When a port having multiple end nodes receives a Leave Group request from one end node for a given multicast group “X”, Forced Fast-Leave activates and waits a short time to receive a join request from any other group “X” member on that port. If the port does not receive a join request for that group within the forced-leave interval, the switch then blocks any further group “X” traffic to the port.