Converting a Commander or Member to a Member of another stack (Commander Menu)

When moving a Commander, the following procedure returns the stack members to Candidate status (with Auto-Join set to No), and converts the stack Commander to a Member of another stack. When moving a member, the procedure simply pulls a Member out of one stack and pushes it into another.

  1. From the Main Menu of the switch you want to move, select 9. Stacking.
  2. To determine the MAC address of the destination Commander, select 2. Stacking Status (All).
  3. Press B (for Back) to return to the Stacking Menu.
  4. To display Stack Configuration menu for the switch you are moving, select 3. Stack Configuration.
  5. Press E (for Edit) to select the Stack State parameter.
  6. Use the Space bar to select Member, then press v to move to the Commander MAC Address field.
  7. Enter the MAC address of the destination Commander and press Enter.
  8. Press S (for Save).